Dr. Jamuna Duvvuru is  Professor(E) of Psychology, currently ICSSR Fellow and was Coordinator, Aging Programmes(2010-2017), Centre for Research on Ageing, Department of Psychology, S.V. University, Tirupati, A.P. Secured her Ph.D in Psychology of Aging from S.V. University in 1985 and UGC Post Doc at the Centre For Research On ageing, S.V. University ( 1989-92). During her tenure  received   AGI Tilak Award (1984), Meritorious Teacher Award for her research work on ageing from S.V. University (2000), A.P State (United) Best Teacher Award (2011), Fulbright Senior Fellow award from William Fulbright Foundation to work at Gerontology Centre at PSU, USA (2003-04),Faculty Research award of DFAIT-SICI Canada (2010), Common Wealth  Fellowship Award to Work at Salford University, U.K(2010-2011). She was trained in Social Gerontology at the International Institute on Aging, Malta  on UNFPA Fellowship (1992), Sandoz-SFGR Fellow ( from ANZAAM Nations) to work at Gerontology Centre, Penn State University (1996-97); invited Visiting Scientist at TMIG, Tokyo, Japan (1998-99).Directed more than 16 National and International research projects on Psychology of aging, edited / published eleven books and  more than eighty scientific articles in the areas of gender ageing, QOL, successful ageing, elder care, cognitive aging,  Counselling of Special Concern Groups and  other areas of applied psychology. Counselling consultantof  A.P. Police family Counselling Services & A.P. Legal Family Counseling Services .Co-ordinator for DRS-I & II programme funded by UGC on Health and Aging (2011-17), was Head of the Department of Psychology (2010-12), Chairperson of Board Of Studies in Psychology (2013-16). Served as President of Association of Gerontology India (AGI) from 2006-2008, President of Academy of Psychologists from 2015-17 and Vice-President of Association of Health Psychologists, Hyderabad 2016-18.